We share the redemptive mission of church, through various ministries. We were mainly involving in family apostolate, parish ministries, education, catechism, rehabilitating the physically and mentally challenged, caring for sick and aged, to promote spiritual and temporal betterment of families.

   Family Apostolate
Our apostolic mission as per our founding charism is to revive families. So we shall give priority to family apostolate in apostolic works. For this we are visiting families to encourage them for family prayer and meditating on the word. We shall impart necessary knowledge and training to the members to shape individuals and families according to Christian values. Where ever we are sent we shall be sisters to all. We perform our work by witnessing through our life. As Pope John Paul II says the proclamation of word, we begin in the families, shall be spread to other individual and communities. We shall visit the sick, those in death bed and give them all spiritual help. This is achieved only through constant prayer experience.
   Parish Apostolate
Parish is the centre of our apostolic activities. It is very useful for us to work for the welfare of families which are the basic components of the church. We shall help the parishioners in attaining spiritual revival and lead them to Christian fellowship through

Classes, seminars, retreats, camps, prayer meetings and organizational activities. We have to take special care in preparing the faithful to receive the sacraments of Holy Communion, confirmation, matrimony and anointing the sick. We shall actively participate in the liturgy for the parish and shall inspire the parishioners for active participation.
God, who wants all men to be saved, spoke to us in earlier times, through prophets, and in the end, through his own son (Heb; 1:1) proper catechesis is the pivotal factor in evangelization. Fundamental principles of catholic faith are given through religious instructions to children, youth and also train them in relating faith to life. We consider catechesis as our personal mission. We are prepared to render any kind of service in the field of catechesis where we are needed and whatever sacrifice is required by us.
As education is one of our apostolic activity. It is an attempt to form successful persons to face the challenges of life and to face new trends in society. Through this we make efforts to discover new methods of bringing the good news of love. As Vatican second says we use this opporltunity of family apostolate to meet the parents of the students and visit their houses to bring them to Gods Love and Graces. For us this activity is mostly based on moral and human values. It is characterized by truth. Justice and Integrity should be the authentic expression of love and services as revealed in Jesus Christ.
Our sisters are working in basic education field in the areas where there isn’t any school. Education provided is based on ethics. Mainly children below 5 years are being educated here. In certain circumstances the age of students can be higher. For eg: when there is no other school in the nearby area or in the poverty struck area, where children have to work and doesn’t have basic education.
  Ailment Care
Where human life does not hold much value, our sisters work hard on guarding the lives of the needy people by giving proper nursing care and medical care based on moral values. Care is given to people who have lost hope in their lives are also taken care by our sisters.
  Special school for physically handicapped

Karunai Illam

It is a rehabilitation centre for physically handicapped, through that we aim to provide comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation services to transform the lives of the people with disabilities toward empowerment on right mode through its major programs. They are; holistic rehabilitation services, development programs creating, enabling and empowering environment by building capacities. The holistic rehabilitation programs of identification, prevention by early intervention, education, vocational training for livelihood and promoting independent living. While development programs will provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapy, family support etc. and we also work towards barrier free environment, community mobilization and self help group formation and activation.

  Special School for Mentally Challenged


People who are disabled or mentally shriveled and dunce from birth or in early childhood destined to live in the dark corners of the society facing bitter side of life and their parents are struggling for them. Navajyothi special school is working to bring this disabled people to the main stream of the society and to deal with others. With this aim we are providing comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation services and development programs of constructing, facilitating and empowering environment by developing functional, social, self help, daily living, academic and cultural skills.

Kanyakumari Mission

The keen insight of founding father paved way to proclaim the word of God, the love and providence of God in Kanyakumari mission. Regular family visits, Mother and child Health programs, Nursery Schools, dispensaries, counseling sections, awareness programs, field works, etc. were the main mission activities.
Mother and Child Health Programmes (MCH) are aiming for the better health of pregnant women and new born babies. Through this program nutritious food are provided for both pregnant women and babies. Awareness programs were conducted by our sisters.

Nursery schools are another field where our sisters are concentrating. We are also aiming to bring children out of child labour and lead them to the light of education. Education was mostly based on the moral values.

Dispensaries were mainly focused on people who are financially backward and having problem to reach hospitals. Our sisters were giving basic care and medicines, dressing for wounds etc.
Counseling sections and awareness programs were conducted during the field work of our sisters.

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