Mission & Vision


Our Apostolic Mission is to incorporate all people into the Communion of the Holy Trinity by leading a life of imitation of Christ through self emptying and union with God and Sharing with other the redemptive experience gathered from such a life through Family Apostolate, Caring the sick, Parish activities, Education etc. We should visit the families without considering the Caste and Creed. Understanding the time we gave prior importance to Evangelization and Re-evangelization.


We have to attain the Union with Jesus through the consecration that embrace life fully, and have to imitate the self emptying attitude and life style of Jesus Christ. We shall establish a personal relationship with Christ through constant prayer experience, sacramental life contemplation of word of God, and shall be ready to serve the Lord through the santification of every moment by submitting ourselves fully to the will of God in all our experience.We shall follow the consecration spirit of Mother Mary who surrendered herself fully to the will of God. 

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